You can guarantee Payment Protection Insurance from as far back as you can imagine. There is no particular time limit with respect to how far back we can really look for your benefit. Our most established effective case is in 1987 against Barclays. Notwithstanding, this does not imply that we will be fruitful in every single old case against Barclays who, in this specific occasion, had the capacity to find data on the customer with little subtleties other than their name and address at the time. It does anyway demonstrate that the possibility to take a gander at cases, positively during the 1980s, is completely significant and on the off chance that you do have any getting from the 1980s onwards, at that point we would gladly take this on and look for your sake to build up if Payment Protection Insurance was connected and, on the off chance that it was connected, take a gander at testing this for your benefit so as to get a discount.

We represent considerable authority in managing Lenders with next to no data and this is borne from our experience in banking and our understanding and persistence in reaching the Lenders which, at last can be very disappointing as they do set aside some effort to look into, especially those where there is restricted data. In any case, the tolerance is remunerated in most of events as data is commonly situated to affirm if Payment Protection Insurance was connected or not.

Obviously on the off chance that there was no Payment Protection Insurance connected, at that point there would be no discount and hence there is no charge to pay. Be that as it may, on the off chance that there was a Payment Protection Insurance connected, we would then be able to work with the Lender to address this and take a gander at acquiring a discount for your sake. This discount would consider all the Payment Protection Insurance premiums that were charged, notwithstanding interest gathered at the overarching rate of the office where the PPI was connected, in addition to compensatory intrigue. This is an imperative viewpoint, likewise with charge cards, the overall rate is impressively higher than most loaning offices. Most of Mastercard discounts, positively more seasoned cases from the 1990s, have along these lines produced extensive discounts.

On the off chance that the case is excessively far back, and the Bank does not have any records any longer, or out of the blue the data can’t be found, at that point no charge will be payable. You will in any event anyway have set up and settled as far as you could tell that there is no case.